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I love it !!!! Thank you very little.

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Again, please disregard my last post.



WOW… This is funny and sad to read. I have been teaching at the institution for three years. I'm also employed by a four –year traditional school. I say this because someone wrote that all the BMC instructors either don't have a job or can't find a job, but I digress.

Furthermore, students need to be more and more critical about there education. Brown –Mackie is not a traditional two/four institution. BMC and other schools like it, help the needs of non-traditional student. In my years of teaching students at Brown Mackie, I have found that some students DON'T put in a 100% effort toward their education. These students are the students that always complain. I have knew several students to leave BMC and have a good career. The problem with Brown Mackie is not the institution, but it is the students that graduate from the school. Everybody wants to blame the school, but please…. before you construct meager reviews- look in the mirror! Again, look in the mirror.

If you want to be successful at schools like Brown Mackie, here are five helpful tips:

1. Communication- Most students DON'T communicate with the instructors, advisers and etc. No one can help you, if you don't ask for it. Education is about information. When students choose not to communicate, they ultimately will miss information that will help them later in their career. If a class is difficult, communicate with the instructor before the class start. Let them know you will be needing additional assistance in that class. Get into the habit of clear and open communication.

2. Stay Career Focus- Brown Mackie offers class for one month long. This means that the classes are accelerated and fast pace. Most classes are three days a week for four hours. You need to know the game! Often students don't focus on their career. Each class, ask yourself one question: "What did I do this month to get the job that I want"? Most students try to float through classes, hustling for the best possible grade – with the least amount of work. If you don't have to read the book for class, then read the book anyway. Education goes beyond the classroom. Please understand, it is not Brown Mackie's responsibility to get you a job, it's YOUR responsibility to get you a job! Start researching your profession while in school.

3. Be More Proactive- Too many students have a "handout" mentality. They wait until someone give them something to start the process. This mentality would not be effective in any institution, let along Brown Mackie. Instead, have a " hand-up" mentality. Start putting your hand-up to participant in different clubs and school events. Consider volunteering within your community to gain practical experience that will help advance your career. Stop waiting for Career Services to find you a job! News Flash, at traditional four- year institutions they don't GET jobs for students. Conversely, they may share contacts, assist with resume building, career advice, interview training, but that is all!

4. Why? – Please have a clear understanding of WHY you are attending school. Some students are attending Brown Mackie to receive the student loan money. Some students are trying to create a better life for their families. Please choose friends that will help you fuel your WHY and in turn you can help them. Too often, I have seen good students be dragged down by negative non-motivated students. If your WHY is always in the front of your mind, students, teachers, advisers or financial aid officers will NOT be able to stop your success. Understanding the WHY of your college education will help you in the future.

5. Stop Complaining- Every year, the month of May is "hunting season". That's right…… "Hunting Season"! In the month of May thousands of college graduates throughout the country are "Hunting" for jobs. The job market is tough for many college graduates in the United States. One way to ensure that you decrease your chances of getting the job that you want, is to complain and complain and complain. Here is my observation: The students that complain the most do the least and always unprepared. Teachers don't fail students, students fail students. Don't leave your education and career in the hands of Brown Mackie or any institution. You have total autonomy of what you learn every month. If you don't understand a particular subject, don't complain- instead move to action. Ask your instructor, your department chair , advisers, other instructors in the program, the dean, other students, get a tutor, go online for help, but when it is all say and done- this is your education.

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This is proof that the professors are everything these students claim them to be. I am not going to read the whole post because of all the grammatical errors are an eyesore to me.

May I ask where you got your degree? Mickey Mouse school?


I am a special education teacher by day and a community college instructor (freshman-level English)by night. You wouldn't pass a single English course of mine with your glaring deficits (spelling, punctuation, grammar, sentence structure) - even the "remedial" course that focuses on grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, and rudimentary essay construction.

You have done nothing but harm to Brown Mackie with your post. I wouldn't send a child of mine there if it were free.

It's "educators" like you who give our country permission to look upon all educators with derision. I am embarrassed for you.


uuuummm your comments are untrue... and your talking non-sense about BMC students being non traditional.

what the *** is the difference anway of traditional and non-traditional. lets be real. I communicated from the start even before I sign those fraudulent, misleading enrollment papers and was BLATENTLY LIED TO FROM START TO FINISH. There was nothing but dishonesty, intimidation, and coersion to get loan money from the financial aid officials trying to take out FRAUDULENT LOANS OUT ON ME IN MY PARENTS NAME without my knowledge..

so check yourself in the mirror before you start commenting on things you have no clue about. Who the *** are YOU to tell everone to STOP COMPLAINING... just because you said that MAKES ME WANT TO COMPLAIN 12 FOLD FROM THE ALREADY 30 COMPAINTS I HAVE IN THATS HOW WRONG I FEEL THIS BOGUS COLLEGE FULL OF LIES IS AND TEACHERS LIKE YOURSELF. KICK ROCKS AND LEAVE YOUR *** *** COMMENTS TO YOURSELF IF YOU HAVE NOTHING CONSTRUCTIVE TO SAY...



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