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Please read my post on Facebook this school is a joke

I wasted 2 years and $30K and now they won't give me

My degree or call me even after numerous voicemails I have left!

I'm ready to persue legal action against them! They are great until


I finished in March then had ONE person say oh you didn't complete your external hours so I made up the hours in August, was told I'd be contacted in 6-8 weeks when my degree was in. Noone has called I have left MULTIPLE voicemails yet they still do not return my calls! I have had absolutely NO job offers and am having to further my debt going to another school to get a degree I can use!

Monetary Loss: $30000.

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Massillon, Ohio, United States #767556

Here's a loop hole I'm going to tell you about. There is a online school that does accept any and all credits from Brown Mackie and they are regionally not nationally accredited.

They are Ashford University. My advice to anyone that has gone to Brown Mackie is take 3 classes at Ashford University,let all of your credits transfer from Brown Mackie to Ashford University, and when you're done with your 3 months then transfer your credits to a nother regionally accredited college or university to finish out your degree. That way all that time and money and energy that you have spent on your education is not wasted. Take it from someone who's been there you can do it -it can be done!!!

but let me warn you about something, do not let ash for university know that you will only be there for 3 months just for your credits to transfer to a regionally accredited school. Or else, they will not transfer your credits in from Brown Mackie. You can either pick up where you left off with school or you can shoot for a higher degree.

Either way you will be able to transfer your credits with the Ashford University. I hope this at least helps anybody as in this in this situation and wish you guys luck.

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