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I don't even know where to start!! I attended BMC Phoenix Nursing program.

From the get go, there were repeated schedule changes, nursing instructors hired with no nursing knowledge whatsoever!! The staff was way too clicky. If you pissed off one, you were on the @#$& list the rest of the program...IF you made it that far. Rules changed from cohort to cohort....and from student to student.

We were not allowed to share grades with other students because they passed incompetent students and failed competent students! There was a lot of favoritism. The staff was rude and made fun of students who weren't grasping concepts. Oh, and did I mention......it's now 7 months after graduation and we STILL do not have our Diplomas??

(nobody seems to know who to contact for them. WTF!!)

Review about: Brown Mackie College Program.

Monetary Loss: $50000.

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They changed my schedule three times while I was actually at the school! I was in one class that my schedule said I was supposed to be in, just for the sign in sheet not to have my name on it.

I questioned the office and they said they had changed my schedule and oops, forgot to tell me. It happened three times like that

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