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Akron Ohio campus-12/13/10 would rather be able to say they are open and still require students to attend than to protect the well being of the students. The roads in all surrounding areas are extremely treacherous due to snow and ice.

Most all schools and even businesses are closing, as well as Cleveland sending it's workers home. They think only $ and business and not a care for their students. When I called to see if they where open they even answered "Brown mackie.....we have school, students need to attend".

REALLY!!!! This school really needs to get it's priorities strait and remember that the students are the ones who pay their salaries and if the students die in this storm they loose their money!

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Wow. You never would have survived 25 years ago.

I commuted 20 miles one way to a university in Michigan and never once did it close during bad weather. Local schools would close during a blizzard but I would still drive to my classes as expected since I was PAYING for them.

Greenville, South Carolina, United States #769407

Best advice. ....

Dont go choose any school been there two years and teachers treat the students as if they are kids..

yell at the students put them down, and belittle the students. Worse investment of my life.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #222874

Oh grow up. It is obvious that you wanted to skip school and play hooky.

I bet you would have been hanging out in the mall or stirp clubs if they were closed.

They just ruined your day for fun. I bet when you went to the mall or strip club you would not care about going out in this weather.

to Irish #789509


to Irish #930938

Really? The mall or strip club? Now who needs to grow up...

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