I have been attending Brown Mackie College for 7 months now. Before I went to a University.

I started out in a rough place in life and explained my situation to all the staff. They acted sincere but during each class I was treated horribly. I was nearly homeless with only one outfit working my way back up. I was still counted off for not dressing in business apparel.

I am also pregnant and in a high risk pregnancy and they have refused to let me make up work for any days or even just hours I missed, I have explained in detail when I would be gone and how long ahead of time so that I could make up or do extra work, they did not allow it. Not on,y this but my financial aid has been messed up nearly three times. I never get my refund when I'm supposed to and they control it like I'm a child. 3 smaller incriminates over the 9 month period instead of all at once or in two sets like normal colleges.

Not to mention they cost twice the amount of a normal college. My stipend has been on hold for nearly three months and they just keep blowing me off. No matter how many times I call they tell me they don't know and they'll ask a supervisor. No one ever calls me back or gives me a straight honest answer, I'm sick and tired of this school.

It's a scam. I want so bad to protest in front of the building or slander them in every news paper. Not only have they pushed me around and treated me poorly but when I tried to transfer to an all online college since I'm due soon, I can't because Brown Mackie can legally hold my financial aid for 9 months! Even if I withdrawal or drop out I will not great that money back to attend a new school.

I'm forced to lose it or stay with them for the entire 9month term. And if I drop out for my delivery of all things I will owe the government. It's a scam that literally controls my life and I'm so broke and a single mother struggling that I can't do anything about it.

I hate Brown Mackie and I hope I can help warn people of their scandalous ways. DO NOT ATTEND BROWN MACKIE

Review about: Brown Mackie College Financial Aid Service.

Monetary Loss: $14000.

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Litchfield Park, Arizona, United States #823974

I attention brown Mackie college. The teachers are amazing and so is the staff .

my best friend just graduated from there, he's now working at a plastic surgery center. Looks like things are going great for him, and me also.

Maybe its your attitude, brown Mackie doesn't care about how you look or dress. You probably gave everyone *** trying to make people feel bad for you.

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #821295

I feel it is also a scam. They have allowed one of my consumers in.

They have told him they deal with all kinds I disabilities.

He is mentally retarded. And I feel they are gonna take advantage of him

Beaufort, South Carolina, United States #819179

Is this Greenville, sc campus or another?

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