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I really just want to put it out there to NEVER sign up for Brown Mackie College. I think they ALL do the same thing, do your research-there have been plenty of lawsuits against them for false accredidation.

When you really look into the programs most of them are NOT accredited, meaning once you are at the end of your program and it is time to take a test to certify with the state, you CAN'T. I went to the one in Fenton, MO and specifically asked about the surgical technician program accredidation and was told that it was. I later found out that it is not. I dropped out because I didn't want to go thru 34,000$ and be out all that money (aka.

not be able to take the test at the end, which the students who were currently enrolled were going thru that) When I was leaving I talked with the Dean who told me they are in the process of getting accredited and will be in May. I did not believe her because I called the 2 companies they were applying to get accredidation with and they said it would not be May, at earliest it would be July- If they pass. It is now August so I called up there to see if they are accredited yet (just for my own curiosity) and the amdissions rep they transfered me to talk to say "oh yes that program is accredited!" When I started asking more questions, like "when did it get accredited?" she started to fluster and said it is always a work in progress! Well which is it Brown Mackie?

A work in progress or accredited. I hung up and called back asking the same question. I was transfered to a different admissions rep and got the same answer- "yes, its accredited". When I asked when they finally got the accredidation she said its always been accredited!

I said absolutely NOT! She then gave me the explination of well, its a process.... blah blah blah. So basically, this place is STILL (because they did it to me)LYING to peoples faces telling them a program is accredited when it isn't.

UNBELIEVABLE!!!! This place is in it for the money, they are sucking money out of people who don't have much to being with.

Sad Sad SAD. PLEASE PEOPLE, save your time and money and don't even call there!

Product or Service Mentioned: Brown Mackie College Program.

Monetary Loss: $4.

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I'm in the process of transfering now. I got the same response from the dean at the dfw location in Hurst TX.

I wonder if this is a standard response. I'm transfeing before it is to late.


Don't go to Brown Mackie College Oklahoma City. Their ADA's (used car salesmen) don't even have degrees themselves.

These sharks dont have an educatio but are pressuring you to drop over 30k. The managment is a joke and look like cheap hookers.

This school prays on minorities and the mentally challenged. You are just a number to them.


i agree they r worth nothing

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