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Brown Mackie College in Greenville, SC is a joke. I was almost finished and they did what ever they could to kick me out since the school is closing.

Spent two years since 2015 til now 2017 and a waste of my time and money where I could have spent it in another school. No one told me about regionally accredited or nationally and they told me my credits would transfer if I was to ever go to another school, another lie. The teachers are a joke as well. Too busy with there other jobs than to teach there students.

All you had to do was sign the sign in sheet and you can go home. Now that the school is closing, they have no staff left and the remaining doing ten other jobs. I could not do my externship because first they could not find me a place that was available to do it. First place they sent me, no one was available and had no idea I was doing my externship there.

Second place they sent me she was too busy to get me in the office. I asked for help to find places to do my externship and career services agreed to help me but left me hanging taking all the blame. The externship woman in charge of externs left the job to people who did not know what they were doing or cared to do it. I was told I could come back and finish if I found my own place to do my externship, when it took me weeks to find a place finally, I was informed that I was denied re-entry because of gainful employment, have no idea what that has to do with me finishing my degree but they would not let me back to finish.

Now I am left with no degree and no staff to answer my calls or emails.

All I want is my financial aid back so that money can go to a school that is worth getting a degree at. Now, I have to start over.

Product or Service Mentioned: Brown Mackie College Teacher.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Call the corporate office in Pitts., EDMC, and let them know. Otherwise, call your attourney general.

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