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My name is Sharon Stoltz.When I made the decision to go to school, I had to make sure that I would still be able to work full-time, & go to school full time.

At the time that I was looking, I made the decision to attend Brown Mackie College because they fit my needs at the time. I was told that they were accreditate, & that if I decided to prusue more schooling after I finished with my degree that I would be able to transfer my credits to either a community college, or University.

I completed my associates degree in Healthcare Administration. Upon graduation exit, I went over ALL expenses to make sure that I had no outstanding balances.

I signed all documents showing that I had a zero balance with the school. 9 months went by & I received a bill from them stating that I owed them $381.00 & that if I didn't pay within 30days that I would be sent to collections. So, I went down to the school to discuss this with them, & I took a copy of my documents showing that I had a zero balance. I was told that they accidentaly sent me a refund check totaling $381.00.

I told them that they needed to go back to re-check that because I never received a refund, & that they couldn't have sent me a refund because there was nothing to refund. I was told basically told tough ***, they show that they sent me a refund & that I owed it back to them. I fought & fought them on this because I never received anything from them.

Now, I have decided to go back to shcool again, this time for a RN Batchlor's degree.

I have just found out that all our community colleges & University's will not accept my BMC credits. I have been told that I have to re-take ALL my basic classes like Bio, Chem, Eng 101/102, Math, Crit reading, ect because my college credits are not transferable.

That's two years of my life, not to mention money that has been a COMPLETE waste!I will be contacting the school board, & will be seeking a refund.

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did you at least get your RN licenseafter completeing the program?

Leawood, Kansas, United States #834870

I graduated from Brown Mackie years ago in 2000 to be exact and it still has been the worst decision I ever made.I graduated feeling very unprepared to pursue a job in the field of my associates degree i obtained (applied science in information technology with the emphasis on business).

I owed about 24,000 at completion and because I haven't been able to earn enough income to take care of living expenses and make consistent monthly payments my student loan has increased to 39,000 with all the interest that has accumulated over the years. I recently enrolled in a community college and they accepted some of my credits but left me with a lot of electives. They told me with completion of 4 more classes I will obtain an associates of arts degree a total of 11hrs.

For me to obtain an applied science associates like I originally seeked it will require 37hrs or more depending on which one I chose.This school is not accredited on the same line as community colleges and universities so don't let them get over on you like they did me and others.


Yes I went through the same thing just get an attorney and it will take a while but its worth it in the end

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