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Contact this lawyer, he currently has a suit against BMC.

Thomas J. Connick, Esq.

Dubyak Connick Thompson & Bloom, LLC

3401 Enterprise Parkway -- Suite 205

Cleveland, Ohio 44122

Office: 216-364-0500

Direct: 216-364-0502

Cell: 440-724-6895

Fax: 216-364-0505

E-Mail: tconnick@dctblaw.com

Original review posted by user Oct 05, 2011

I am trying to start a class action suit against Brown Mackie. I received an associate's degree there and transfered to another school for nursing only to find that my classes from Brown Mackie would not transfer.

This was something Brown Mackie failed to tell me. I assumed that since some of my previous course work transfered in, that my credits there would also transfer out. Nope. Now I owe a tremedous amout of money for knowledge that I couldn't even pass the certification test for medical assiting with.

Again, I am trying to get as many people as possible that feel this way so that I can start a class action suit.

Please respond to krystalseals@aol.com if you are interested! Thanks!

Monetary Loss: $20.

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I am a graduate of Brown Mackie college Greenville and I am in student loan debt, no job in my field, and no other alleged will accept my credits. My email is worshipinghearts1315@ yahoo.com


I received 3 AS degrees accounting, business administration management, and paralegal ( salina, ks campus), with an accumulated 129 credits and 3.38 gpa, I was able to transfer to K-state I think about 65-70 credits. I now want to go back , is theres a contact number to request a new transfer?


Hi the same thing happened to me at Brown Mackie collage. So much debt and now cant even go back to school to finish my degree randimckinney26@gmail.com


I too graduated from BMC and have not landed a position in the field. Was attempting probation which now wants a bachelors and I have two associate degrees.

Criminal justice and Paralegal. I'm a secretary... Why??

Because I would have to start all over and I cant afford too... dominicagriffin04@yahoo


Aurora, Missouri, United States #1206046

Has anyone been able to transfer or do anything with tue courses or degrees you get at brown? Im 13,000 in debt because of this place and no one would hire me. Contact me at yohendrysuarez90@gmail.com


I also wasted my money with bmc. They told me my credits would transfer to a four year college.

Like another poster, I had credits that transferred in to I didn't think much of it.


I think they are the only school who will take some not all.

Jason - Mason Ohio


I too received an associates degree from Brown Mackie. I wanted to further my education (not with them cause they suck), but my degree will not be recognized anywhere.

If I had know that, I would not have enrolled there. It's a scam and there needs to be concequeces for this.

I wasted 2 years and now I have a debt and I'm not really equipped to even get a job I have a degree in! I feel so ripped off!


I just previously went back to school after completing the practical nursing program at Brown Mackie in 2010. I to owe so much money for credits that would not transfer.

I will never be able to get out of debit. They increased the tuition at least 3 times in the 16 months I was a student.

Not to mention, obligating you to only buy there books.


Sorry I also forgot to mention that I tried to go to a local collage few yrs back in 09 & was told that none of my credits would transfer. I would have to start all over & go into bigger debt.

I will call the Ohio attorney generals office regarding this as well.

Thank you lissa winland

Columbus, Ohio, United States #1064876

Hello my name is lissa martin winland & I'm currently paying off a student loan debt from Ohio southern college which changed names to Brown Mackie in the middle of my two yrs there in north canton Ohio. I started Feb.

2003-2005 yes I did graduate, receiving my associates degree. but never received employment , like they said I would with the amount of money that I would make as a paralegal. I owe a little over 3k rt now.

I just seen the news about this lawsuit, can you please contact me..@ 330-205-8317.

I will also try to contact you & leave this info. Again .

Thank you kindly,

Lissa winland

The loan is under Lissa brown


I just received a associates degree in criminal justice at BM, and I can't not one college that accepts my credits. I want to proceed with my bachelor degree in forensics, but the schools are telling me I have to start all over.

This is so upsetting becausethis school is very expensive and they did not tell me this when I sign up.

I will be contacting a lawyer about my case. creed720@hotmail.com


Same here I went to brown Mackie got my assoicates in criminal Justice and can't get my bachelors because my credits won't transfer. Wasted a lot of money for nothing. I'm interested in the lawsuit sarahconnelly35 @gmail.com

Bellevue, Washington, United States #996958

I have my degree in healthcare administration through Brown Mackie Cincinnati and cannot get my bachelors degree because no one will take their credits and no one would hire me.


So their credits don't transfer? Well I guess I'll have to start all over at another college

Akron, Ohio, United States #949762

I went to Brown Mackie college in Akron, Ohio for the early childhood program. I had to leave school to help my father who had gotten cancer and when trying to return they informed me that they no longer offered my program.

Even though I had already completed and passed all of my ECE classes and I only needed 2 prerequisite classes to finish my degree there was nothing that they could do for me. I am now stick passing back more than $20,000 for a degree that I pretty mooch completed but do not have.

to Alyssa #991312

How are they getting away with this? The money is coming from the government.

Contact this lawyer, he currently has a suit against BMC.

Thomas J. Connick, Esq.

Dubyak Connick Thompson & Bloom, LLC

3401 Enterprise Parkway -- Suite 205

Cleveland, Ohio 44122 Office: 216-364-0500 Direct: 216-364-0502 Cell: 440-724-6895 Fax: 216-364-0505 E-Mail: tconnick@dctblaw.com

Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States #880968

I have had the same horrible issues with Brown Mackie. I currently attend the campus in New Mexico and this school is a complete joke.

They are telling me that I need to pay $250 a month to stay in school or they will kick me out!!! After putting in over $20,000. This school only wants your money and none of the credits transfer. I have waisted almost 2 years of my life and have spent a lot of money that I will have to pay back with nothing to show for it!!!!

I would love to be part of this lawsuit!!

My email: Candelariad2008@outlook.com

to Anonymous Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States #995402

Same here, I would also like to get in on this. Sawvel.joseph@live.com


i got two ***. degrees through BM and wanted to get my BA in business, but when i told them that i got my ***.

through BM they said that i would have to take almost all of the courses over. one collage even light at me and said the i might as well not have a degree.


I am currently a student at brown Mackie in birmingham. I have noticed a lot of things such as teachers not really being qualified to teach.

Just because they did the job doesn't make them educators. I was going to transfer to another college. Brown Mackie said my credits are transferable yet no schools will accept my credits.

I am royally pissed because I have spent 13 months and $20000 for nothing. DO NOT GO TO THIS SCHOOL IT WILL *** ON THE LONG RUN!

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