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One course a month? Yeah, that sounded great until I realized I was cramming to get a full textbook worth of work done in 4 weeks (12 instruction days).

Other school's have 12 weeks...Brown Mackie students get only 4 weeks to do everything...don't forget that includes research papers and speeches. A's don't mean you mastered and absorbed the means you are a great crammer. And computer courses?? Yeah right.

For the outrageous price the courses and books cost, I wish I could have retained some of that knowledge. Going through a computer course at the speed of's all just a blur when the course is through. To learn and retain, it takes time. It takes study.

In some cases, it takes practice. Finally, it takes more than Brown Mackie. I am labeled a 3.5 GPA student.

I feel cheated, not smart. I am one of Brown Mackie's deception stories, and a future employer's worst nightmare.

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Chicago, Illinois, United States #630316

I have to say you did a bang-up job researching your college before enrolling. Did you sleepwalk into the office and sign the papers, or were you drugged?

Bottom line: if you want to attend semester-long courses, find a college that offers semester-long courses. It's called the Internet, and there's a lot of information on it.

brown mackie is a class per month? lol..please

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