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Update by user Mar 23

Hey guys I thought I'd let you know that I found a solution out for all of us I was able to get my brown mackie loans and student loan debt dissolved through the Department of Education! So in the meantime I'm going to go through this email list and try to start getting ahold of everyone I know it's tax time and a lot of you are getting your wages garnished or refund taking so my wife and I will try to start contacting people and giving you the steps needed to get your Brown Mackie Student Loans forgiven!

Still working on the lawsuit to be honest it looks ugly. When we signed up for the school we signed an arbitration agreement basically saying we can't sue them which makes it pretty difficult.

Does anyone have the contract they signed for Brown Mackie by any chance if so email it to me. Take care I'll be in touch

Update by user Apr 07, 2017

Ok here is an update. Attorney Tom connick is no longer handling the case.

I need to find a new attorney. I have hundreds of you in the class with your information so if any of you are able to find an attorney please contact me and we can all go together. also if you are having trouble with your student loans are taxes there is a form that the IRS will send you that you can fill out that states you feel your degree is not usable in which case they will refund your student loans call the IRS it will send you the form and inform them of your situation.

In the meantime please continue to contact me with your situation include your campus and contact information. I still receive them and I have hundreds if there is any of you who have found an attorney who is willing to take the case please titled the email "FOUND ATTORNEY" Thank you Ryan B

Update by user Nov 15, 2016

Sorry guys i had some things come up in my life that required all of my attention for the past year or so, I am writing to let you know that i am still getting your emails and your information is filed. With the federal Goverment having recently sued BM and won and there closures this definitely changes the dynamic of things.

Tom Connick thee attorney out of Cleveland is no longer accepting applicants to the case. But there are still so many of you. I know at least one individual has gotten their own attorney and won.

I have to sift through the emails which are a ton!

Continue to send me your information *AND DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF YOUR SITUATION*

some people send me their story with no contact info or just their contact info and no story there are way to many people in my inbox to be sifting through all that..

which brings me to my next question, is there anyone else who might be willing to help me sift through this people who have filing expertise,clerical experience etc.

i have alot of contacts in legal so i got that part covered but i could use some help with going through case by case.

keep sending me your stories Ryan.Brassard@yahoo.com i get them all

Update by user Jan 16, 2015

Ok were getting started i have to get in touch with some particular people that the attorney wants to speak to personally and then everyone and then we file.

Update by user Sep 13, 2014


I am still receiving your emails, I'm sure you know in order to be a class action suit we have to have a class. I believe we are close to reaching that point.

I am going to be requesting help from some of the people soon, And update Our attorney accordingly.

Please continue to email me. YOU MUST INCLUDE YOUR CAMPUS, YOUR SITUATION, AND CONTACT INFORMATION**** if you do not include this information their is nothing i can do to help you.


Ryan Brassard

Update by user Nov 25, 2013


I'm updating you all letting you know that I am still receiving your emails. Please continue to send me your emails with your contact information and a description of your situation. I have received that wasn't a female and the more clients we have the better off we are. Please continue send your email also I'm going to be meeting with our attorney before the holidays to discuss when we will be moving forward. I have not forgotten about you and we will get your money back. I will try to get in contact would you guys be an email before the end of the year.


Ryan Brassard

Update by user Mar 11, 2013


I am still receiving emails from all of you and want to thank you. There are so many of us that have been taken advantage of and i want to let you know i have not forgotten and am still working with our attorney and formulating plans on how to proceed.

given the volume of emails and information that pours in weekly there is a mountain of information to review also the emails we receive are from all over the nation and require the assistance of multiple firms in different states. More recently i have been contact by a few employees who have offered their assistance in bringing justice to the individuals and families who have been taken advantage of. Please continue to send me emails * WITH CONTACT INFORMATION, AND A "DETAILED" DESCRIPTION OF YOUR SITUATION* I would also like to remind you that this is not going to be an overnight process and is going to a considerable amount of time before this case is filed. I have received information from former dean's, directors of admissions, financial aid advisors,professors, and other employees as well as many students.

I have not forgotten about any of you and continue to work to help all of us in getting compensation for our time wasted, or money spent, and for being taken advantage of and used.

Please continue to send me your information given the amount of emails received i am not able to reply to all of you individually but your information is stored and forwarded to the attorneys office for review. Thank you i will continue to update as we move forward.

Update by user Jun 28, 2012

Many of you have commented on this thread. Thank you this offers hope to the thousands of individual\'s and families, that have been robbed of there time, finances, and education.

Please continue to post your comments, and updates so others will know they are not alone. AFTER YOUR POST EMAIL YOUR DESCRIPTION, AND CAMPUS INFORMATION. This is the easiest way for me to process the massive amount of emails i receive daily.

IF YOU DO NOT EMAIL ME PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS IN YOUR DESCRIPTION. I will review your posts whenever possible and contact you via email with confidential updates, and conference times, contact information, and if needed request further documentation.

Update by user Jun 28, 2012


I am in the process of setting up a conference with our attorney in a central location, Where all potential clients may have the opportunity to meet myself and the attorney representing us in this case. This will give us all the opportunity to submit our information personally and provide detailed deposition\'s of our situation in person. Please continue to email me your campus information and a detailed description of your situation so that i may forward it to our attorney. i will keep you posted on the status of this conference.


You are not alone

Ryan Brasard

Update by user Jun 28, 2012

Sorry it has been so long since i have updated. This support we have received from all around the united states has been over whelming. We are postponing the suite temporary due to the constant additions to our case. We have everything prepared and are ready to file when necessary. Please continue to contact me via email through Ryan.Brassard@yahoo.com. Please provide Campus information and a detailed description of your incident. Although i might not respond immediately your letters please note that they are immediately forwarded to our para-legal assigned to handle the case.

Very Truly Yours

Ryan Brassard

Update by user Mar 30, 2012

* Quick update * Tom Connick is now our attorney The support for this suite continues to pour in so we are delaying it, in order to accommodate new arrivals. Our magic number is 5,000. I have not forgotten about you and i am working diligently to make sure our case is bullet proof. Please continue to contact me, I will update further in detail when i have the time.

Very Truly Yours

Ryan Brassard

Update by user Feb 16, 2012

UPDATE: Today is the day i have traveled to Cleveland, OH to meet with Mr. Connick.

I will meet with him at 10:00 a.m. Est. There are some of you that i still need contact information from. There is still more time if you wish to join.

Please send your contact information to me at Ryan.Brassard@yahoo.com. Also this lawsuit is open to any individual in any state.

Now is the time for your voice to be heard. I will update you all via email some time this week.

Update by user Feb 08, 2012

Thank You all! I will be Heading to Cleveland, Ohio to meet

Mr. Connick On Thursday, February, 16th. Thank you for responding to this Class action. I have had many people interested. I have a feeling the end of February filing date may take a little longer due to the large turnout. It\'s not over yet!! So anyone who want\'s to join let me know. Thank you for your patience.

Very truly yours

Ryan Brassard


Update by user Jan 27, 2012

Thank You for your interest in this lawsuit. I have found an attorney who is interested in the case and intends to file in February. I will need those detailed description\'s of your situations with Brown Mackie ASAP. Also as much contact information as you feel comfortable giving out so that he may contact you. I haven\'t forgot any of you and this is a big step we will all take together. Here is the letter from (if you so choose) our attorney. I will be a representative for all of you ( The Class Representative, in Class Action ) through the court process. Please get back with me immediately. Or Thomas J. Connick, Let him know you are contacting him in on behalf of Ryan Brassard about the Claims Against Brown-Mackie. tconnick@dctblaw.com


Ryan Brassard

January 27, 2012

VIA EMAIL: ryan.brassard@yahoo.com

Attention: Ryan Brassard

Re: In re Claims Against Brown-Mackie

Dear Ryan:

As a follow-up to our telephone conversation a few weeks ago, I would like to get together with you and your group of current and/or former Brown-Mackie students that have expressed an interest in joining the class action lawsuit I will be filing shortly.

In that regard, I will need a list of the names of those interested in joining the suit, their addresses and preferably email addresses. I will also need a copy of the agreement they signed with Brown-Mackie. And, finally, I will need a brief synopsis of what their experience was with Brown-Mackie.

I am also still very interested in speaking with any of those contacts at Brown-Mackie that you identified in our conversation.

It is my desire to get this matter filed within the next month. Please advise if you and your colleagues are still interested, and if so, please forward me the above requested information.

Very truly Yours,

/s/ Thomas Connick

Thomas J. Connick

Update by user Jan 19, 2012

I have been in contact with several attorneys. One attorney in particular sounds promising. He would like to file by the end of February. I am in the process of getting his information sent out to everyone. I need anyone who is interested in joining to send me an in depth description of there experience with Brown Mackie, and contact information to my email. Ryan.Brassard@yahoo.com so that i may forward it to the attorney. I will update everyone as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience i have not forgotten.

Very Truly Yours

Ryan Brassard

Original review posted by user Nov 20, 2011

Hello my name is Ryan Brassard i was a student at Brown Mackie for 3 years. You are not the only one who has been duped by this school and there practices. I left Brown Mackie 6 months ago and am currently organizing a class action lawsuit. I am going to schedule an appointment with my friend and attorney on Monday. I have talked to several former students and they are also willing to join. I knew many people in the school who were taken advantage of being an accreditation issue, Mismanagement of funds, or giving students A's on failed reports so they can keep the "minimum students required" in there class so the school may receive funding, and status. I could go on and on. I intend to go to the campus where i am always warmly welcomed and talk to some students and get some papers put out under the radar at the school so many other victims may have the opportunity for there voice to be heard. i will gladly go into detail if you are interested. Please contact me at your earliest convenience.

You are not alone


Monetary Loss: $35.

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This college sucks... I graduated with criminal justice degree in 2008 then had to go to a different college to get a real degree.

So I'm STILL paying the loans and probably will until I die. Plus I cant get a transcript either.

Cant even contact anyone since the campus I went to is closed. My contact is chloembmc@yahoo.com.


Would someone help me please. I have a situation not un similar here in Australia with TheCoaching Institute (TCI) and need to know how I can reach out to all the students that have been affected. I know that there are many.Ryan could you contact me please.......kydalla@yahoo.com.au......Cheers Annie


I would also like to be a part of this, I am paying student loans for an useless education. I am now taking classes for a different field because i would have had to start all over to stay in nursing. Wasted time, money and very frustrating.Please email me ksrasra423@gmail.com if you move forward with the Brown Mackie law suit.Thank youDiana


I would like to be apart of this also. I have never been able to use my degree.

I owe tons in student loans and all for nothing!!!!! I have been told that my education was insufficient. I have never been able to get a job for what I thought I was going to school for.

Please email me Luvbear72003@gmail.com, if I am able to be apart of this. Thanks

Webster, Massachusetts, United States #1290589

I went to Brown Mackie in Akron and I told them at the beginning I had a disability. They told me that without paperwork for this I didn't have one.

I could not afford the testing that I went through when I first was diagnosed and they were very discrimitive. I have trouble with tests and I told them. They gave me a tutor but she didn't explain anything and wasn't a disability specialist. I got

An F in Pharmacology 2 times and begged for more help after the first F.

The teacher was nice and I went to her tutoring. When I started her tutoring she came in the room for 5 minutes and the 3 hour days I went she never came in the room to help or explain or anything. When I got the 2 nd F, They through me out and said I withdrew.

I did not withdraw. Please email me and tell me if there is anything I can do even though they just shut down?

Pevely, Missouri, United States #1266959

Is it to late to be part of the class action lawsuit? My degree is a joke and not worth the paper it is written on.

I also found out they obtained student loans that increase 17% every 2 years. How is someone suppose to ever pay that off when you cannot obtain a better paying job because no one recognizes the school you attended?

Please contact me.

Thank you,



Boise, Idaho, United States #1185634


I'm just wanting to ask a question. I graduated from Brown Mackie 4 yrs ago.

walked with honors and everything, and I have yet to receive my degree. I have made several attempts to get it taken care of and yet no one is doing a thing to help. the dean of the school is just giving me the run around. and try I owe a great deal of student loans.

I am thinking of filing a lawsuit against the school and I need some insight on what I should do.

please contact me at kquintieri2201@gmail.com.

Thank you

Southfield, Michigan, United States #1181944



I need a contact person

to Anonymous #1244732



I need a contact person for this lawsuit??


Is it too late too join. My daughter went to the OKC campus.

They got federal money from us and student loans.

Her 2 yr degree ended up costing $35000. No way is this right!!!

to Anonymous Mooreland, Oklahoma, United States #1097509

sorry, email is tpcsk4@pldi.net


I was a student at Brown Mackie college from 2007 to 2012 was dropped in 2012 where I was going for my bachelor degree I was told that I have reapply and was charged again for the same classes.


C Robinson I was a student at BMC of Fort Wayne IN 2008

did the same thing to me they destroy my credit if its not to late I want in on the lawsuit

thank you



I was a student at BMC of south bend from 2007 to 2009 and I have my AS in Criminal Justice. They told me that they would file my GI bill for me and never did.

They lost my FASA 3 times... That should have been a warning to me but ignored it as this school best fit my hours due to my work.

This cause me to lose 16,000 in funding. Not many places, I found out, would take people that earned degrees from this school.


I was a student of Brown Mackie College. I graduated in July 2014 with my Associates in Applied Business major in Paralegal.

However it seems no law firms have been interested in hiring me.

It was a passion for me to have a career in the Legal world haven't got the chance to pursue or apply my degree anywhere as far as that goes.. diokhanebrandy08@yahoo


Hello, Brown Mackie College in Atlanta , G.A. was suppose to change my life for the good .I was told after a year of being in school I was in the wrong field.

Sadly I didn't want to give up so I stayed to give it a try because maybe I could change my mind on my job field. They should've told me they didn't have my major at this school at the beginning and maybe I would be in my field instead of working at the same job I was at when I went to this school.

Email info: wendipg1@gmail.com


The canton branch in ohio would schedule me for first month class then all of a sudden i would have any classes for the next two months, always keep the money they used we end up using almost all my loans before i walked out i was retaking classes that i had took through them before and when i asked why they were like because that's all we can give you right now i was like don't think so I'm done

La Porte, Indiana, United States #1065619

How do I get in on this lawsuit. I went to school for less than 6 months but some how owe almost 10,000 to salle mae, Please I need some help getting information. maolab69@yahoo.com

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