Yeah, I just wanted to say among all of the other millions of pissed off individuals, that I also am attending Brown Mackie in Akron and yes they do rip you off!!First off it started where it seemed like a great opportunity and the commercials said that you can pick your own classes, day or night, they work with your schedule and that clinicals would only be so far from the school...and that it is affordable...well got news for everyone, they are not!

First I went to sign the papers and they didn't even require you to have a pre-req test to even get into the school, and they rush you through the paperwork and financial aid and didn't even give you a chance to read it, hence the small print they don't want you to see...and don't even explain everything to you...then say oh it's going to be around 2-300 dollars a month..."every student has a payment" and then raise tuition on you every 3 months...which is absolutely ridiculous..!! Oh and the raise it again without telling anyone until the last minute...what started out as a $15,000 school ended up being $29,000 even after all of my financial aid was maxed out and my grants were maxed out only covered $9000 for the whole time of me being there. I am very disappointed in this school...Now as of October 2010, our tuition has increased from $29,000 to an estimated $38-40,000. This is outrageous!!!

Also, if you don't make a payment, they threaten to kick you out!! Isn't that why we are all in school to begin with? We are all here to get careers and make something out of ourselves...and to make money not be in debt by so much money that the first 10-15 years you are flat *** broke!?

I have sent letters and an email to the White House but of course I will never hear anything...I have highly debated on calling Fox * or Channel 19 or someone who can crack this case of fraud and being ripped off...now since this school costs so much and they ripped me off, I am highly doubting that I can go back to school for the actual degree that I want, not to mention trying to find an actual real college or university that will take my credits...The instructors are awesome, just the school is full of lies and is a rip-off...I wish I had never went to this school...Now I have to figure out what to do...does anyone know of a number to call or something we all can do to get these profit schools down?I appreciate everyone's input...

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There are a lot of complaints here about credits not transferring...has anyone thought about contacting the school they want to transfer to BEFORE attending BMC to make sure the credits would transfer?

a lot of these concerns I SMH at because people don't do their research.

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #296381

Thats absolutely horrible!I don't know how this hasn't reached anyones attention?

I called my BMC and ask to set-up an appointement with the vice-president or president, because I have spoken to everyone but them to help resolve my issue, and I was told that they didn't have a vice president, and the president is out and a interim president is sitting in, but he's only there twice a week because he's from a different campus!What the *** is that?


Anonymous: For Your Information, Senator Tom Harkin (D-IA) is the Chairman of a Sehate Subcommittee on Education which is seriously investigating "for profit" schools and the ways they bamboozle students regarding job placement (most of the BMC schools place fewer than 60% of their graduates), financing their education, and the quality of the education the students receive.As a former instructor at a BMC campus, I am well aware of what happens to these students when they realize they are $30,000-40,000 in debt when they graduate and if they are lucky to get a job, it probably pays less than $25,000 a year BEFORE TAXES.

There is no way for them to pay back all those loans and the loans cannot be bankrupted out because they are Federal loans. BMC is run by Goldman Sachs, and Goldman Sachs has always put PROFIT BEFORE PEOPLE.

Disgruntled students should contact Senator Harkin's Office in Washington, DC.His subcommittee needs all the first hand information it can gather about what these "for profit" schools are doing.


quit complaining and find a better job.


Yep..I currently attend BMC.I will be withdrawing soon as I now realize an associates degree in CJ will get me nowhere.

Oh, and I found out my credits wont transfer to Indiana University because BMC is NOT nationally accredited.How they can charge so much in tuition and not have decent credentials is anyones guess.

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