Brown Mackie College Student Loan Reviews

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Value for money
Product or Service Quality
Fininacal aid was a joke made me take out Loan I really didn't need at the end I passed classes but could not graduate because I still owed money to the school I thought I had enough to money to pay off brown Jackie instead in big trouble no job not degree from that school who knows I really did finish. The class to me were a joke once a month courses ? I have been out of school over thirty years.tring to compite with younger students fresh out...
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I didn't like
  • Too expensive and not informing students of changes first
  • Fact that there werent enough instructors
  • Way i was disguarded without thought
Brown mackie is nothing but a scam college that takes your grant money and loan money for classes that are useless!Imagine how upset I was when I was about to Graduate from there and looking at other schools to further my education only to find out no job or college accepts brown mackie as a college... I felt like such a fool! And I still do!I'm still paying on these loans and I still can't go back to school until they are paid!
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While I was unemployed and financially wrecked, the school called and would not stop until they were able to bring me into the offices where they commenced to show how having a degree would decrease the chances of unemployment and better wages.They told me the loans would be easy to pay back once I got that great job. 5 years later, I had to drop out because I had to find work else where no where near any of their campuses. I tried to transfer...
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I liked
  • Professors
I didn't like
  • Lies told
I was a student for 2 months, supposed to be getting financial assistance with pell grants to help me live on while at school, Brown Mackey never even turned the paperwork in, locked the doors to the financial aid department to everyone, that school is such a scam. The teachers couldn't even answer questions. I left the school after 2 months they demanded $4000. They were adding costs to my student loan bill that they never sent in. They are a...
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I didn't like
  • Did not
  • First grade education with a yale price tag