Brown Mackie College Occupational Therapy Assistant Program Reviews

I am a graduate of the Brown Mackie OTA program. I was an excellent student, making the dean's list every quarter and graduated with a 4.0GPA. I was (I know now looking back), EXTREMELY LUCKY and found a fantastic job before even passing my exam. After almost 3 years at this company, I reluctantly resigned for medical reasons. I used this time to stay at home with my toddler. When I was physically and emotionally ready to rejoin the...
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I graduated from Brown Mackie in Greenville, SC for Occupational Therapy Assistant Program. I had transfer credits from a local technical college that I had no problem getting credit, I was even able to transfer credits for classes that were 10+ ago like math, english. The program was quite expensive 36,000, but I made that plus my first year employed. I felt as though I was able to learn enough, not just depending on my course instructors but...
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Anonymous I initially was going to go into the OTA program at the G'ville campus, but decided to go for nursing. I regret it. I'm not happy with the nursing program and am seriously thi...

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