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I absolutely am in digust with brown mackie college. When i started there they made me think my credits could transfer to other schools, they talked me into a degree that told me it will get me where i wanted and its nothing!. I owe 30k+ for a degree i can do nothing with! I wish i would of lisyened to so many people before i went there. They had me go to college for 26 months to get a degre ppl are going n getting in 6 months! This is pathetic....
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Well over 30,000 in student debt for a useless Medical Assistant Associate degree. I tried to obtain employment for years with no success and found out later that the credits would not transfer. Brown Mackie is worthless causing mountains of student loan debt. Everyone should have their debt forgiven as they used deceitful practices and didn't disclose that their credits would not transfer. The debt I've incurred is beyond ridiculous and the...
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Brown Mackie College Medical Assistant Program Review

I did Medical assistance for two years at BMC graduated with honors I took the associate degree class and they told me at the end two weeks before I graduated that I could not graduate with my Associates degree because I am a felon I think they should have told me I couldn't take this program when I registered for the classes.