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Started my college career after I was laid off from my job at the end of 2009. I anticipated on getting a degree for a better job while I was on unemployment to get out of retail management and all the *** that goes with that.

BMC promised a bunch of lies to get you sign on the dotted line and they do not explain all of the costs involved with a medical degree. My program was the OTA program. There are immunization shots, CPR class fees, must have INS, etc... Doing well the first yr until an English teacher started giving me trouble for some reason.

You could tell this teacher was tired of the rif raf coming in and this was an English class and all we did in class was worksheets on geography like.... capitals of the states, names of large bodies of water, I think she was trying to find the dumb students. But she constantly sighed and rolled her eyes at me every time I would raise my hand for a question. This teacher and I never had an argument or an incident, so I was confused by her treatment towards me.

After two wks of this treatment I finally went to the front desk and to the Dean of the school asking "Who do I talk to if I have an issue with a teacher?" Mind you, I'm still in my general ed courses at this point. I was told by both to see my course director. So, I made an appt. At this appt with my course director, which is the director of the OTA program, he basically explained said to me "What do you want me to do?" and scolded me for not following the proper chain of command by going to him first and said I should talk to my teacher directly.

Leaving confused and upset, because I didn't see the point in talking to her since she obviously had a problem with me already for some reason. I left the situation for a loss and suffered through until I could not take it anymore and then I went to the director of the school and complained to her. The director then directed me to another staff person who listened to my complaints with seemed like concern and by the next month that teacher had retired or left the school. By the end of the following month I was in my math class and I had missed some days and was about to miss my fourth day.

As far as I knew, if you missed four days in a month you were to be dropped from the class, I was sick and called in to the school to see who I would need to talk to if I missed a fourth day. I was again directed to the OTA director of my main course classes. I called him, reluctantly, and left a message before classes started that day. By late afternoon, he returned my call.

I explained my situation and he began to tell me, right off the bat, that again I was going out of the chain of command, again scolding me, and that I should have spoken with my math teacher about this matter. Right off the get go I was mad and upset and I basically told him off on the ph explaining that I keep getting directed to him for my situations and I keep getting in trouble for doing so, and that he was no help to me and that I could not believe he was in the position he was in if he was not going to help the students and then I hung up on him. So, by the following wk I was called to to the Dean's office with the director of the OTA program and basically threatened with being kicked out of the school and this director didn't think that I was a FIT for the program. All in all, was was able to stay by the persuasion of the Dean and required to write a paper on the principles of OT and required to sign a paper stating that in my future career with BMC that if in the case where I was to become upset and acted out to anyone on the premises, that I would be kick out and expelled from the program and the school.

During all this I was also in another English class and was being supported by that teacher who though the OTA director was a pompous ***. This English teacher had also advised me that if I decided to continue with the OTA program that I would be scrutinized more than the other students and that I might want to change my program. Well, I stuck to my guns and stayed in the program all until I had another problem with BMC. In December of last yr I was struggling in the class, now seven months into the OTA program, running about a 3.5 gpa, having trouble with a transfer practical.

I was the only student who had to repeat this practical four times, losing pts every time I had to repeat it. During this I found out that a prior financial aid person had fraudulently signed my name to some paperwork. This came about when I was doing my paperwork with my fourth financial aid person for my last six months. I was complaining to her about how ridiculous it was for BMC to allow only so much for books when their bookstore prices where so high.

She was tired of hearing me complain, so she told me that it was my responsibility to read everything that I sign while through a piece of paper in front of me stated that I had signed off which opted me out to take my student loan money out to get books else where. Well, this was news to me. To my understanding, by my first financial aid person, that if I wanted to use any of my student loan money for books I had to buy them from the BMC book store and that I never signed a paper to opt out. This financial aid person lead me to believe a lie so that I would spend all my loan money at BMC, and actually ended up owning more after every term.

I looked at the paper and the signature was not mine. Outraged, I asked to see the director of financial aid. After a meeting, trying to calm me down, they promised to resolve this matter. Needless to say, I withdrew from BMC, feeling violated and rejected and singled out in class, feeling like I was asked to redo my practical over and over for no good reason.

I think the director knew that I would lose many points and was hoping that I would fail the class. If I wanted to return and finish the program I would have to wait for six month to return. I tried to find another school to transfer, but there is no other school in my area providing this program. Reluctantly, I returned after six months.

The financial aid dept, after four months agreed to my terms of paying my back the difference in the cost of the books I had purchased all that first yr of classes. I felt this was the only way the school could possibly make the wrong to a right. I think they just wanted me to take the money and shut up so that I wouldn't make a big stink out of the whole situation. So, now I'm back in class, same one I had trouble with, with the transfer practical.

And, again, I'm the only student who had to redo the practical three times till I passed, losing pts every time I had to redo it. By the end of the class, which there is more to complain about but I won't, I failed the class by three pts. I was warned upon return that if I failed I would be kick out of the program for failing the class twice, and I had to sign a paper agreeing to the fact before I could return to class. So, after a yr and a half of studying with never failing a class till now, over 20,000 in debt with no degree, credits transfer no where to any college in town, not even able to go to another BMC that offers the program.

I will never give BMC another penny. I was told by another college that the reason BMC credits are no good to other colleges is because BMC is a private school that is a for profit school and that their curriculum and accreditation standards are held at a lower level than required by the FED on STATE educational boards, therefore the credits are not accepted by other colleges. Even though BMC will charge you three to four time more per credit hour. BMC will try to take a normal 12 wk class and cram what they can into a four wk class.

In my first OTA class, my teachers advised the entire class that if you worked full or part time that it might be wise to cut your hrs drastically or quit all together because keeping up with both is very difficult and especially if you had a family. This is polar opposite from BMC commercials promising that one class a month can fit into anyone's schedule. And with a four wk class is we were constantly behind and studies was dropped, changed and pts changed throughout some classes just to try to keep on schedule. Tests and papers were kept and reviewed briefly unable to be used for your own review for finals.

Sometimes, if time was really short, quizzes and tests were not reviewed by the end of class and final test day. I constantly felt cheated during classes and felt suppressed to ask any questions, and god forbid you questioned their teaching style or mistakes made. BMC could care less if I succeed and I feel that the OTA Program Director had me marked to never complete his program because from the beginning he personally felt I was not a right fit to be a therapist. Now I'm screwed, overwhelmed in debt without a degree, can't finish at BMC and not I can't finish my program anywhere else unless I move out of state.

Or, I need to start over with another career choice while adding thousands of more dollars to my student loan debt without any way to pay it back, I'm still unemployed. I think BMC is a money grubbing business without any genuine interest in actually educating people and their standards and ethics are twisted even though they act like they are converting their students into more ethical citizens.

Be very weary of Brown Mackie College, do not spend a penny towards this school. The federal government, in my opinion, should not allow student loans and grants to be used at this school, because they can kick you out without a care, leaving you degree-less and in debt for tens of thousands of dollars.

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It sounds like you're having problems that some students face. I worked fulltime, completed the ota program and planned a wedding at the same time.

It was not easy but nothing worth having is easy to attain. The experience at any school on any level is different for every person but what remains the same is those teachers and staff don't control your future. You have a problem with a teacher you go to them first and if it can't be solved, fine just do your work and leave. You have to take on situations with a a clear head and keep the main goal in focus.

I now am a manager of a therapy dept. as a COTA and I learned so much from BMC. Was it perfect? No, but no school is.

It gave me what I needed to get my degree and fast. What you do with what they give you is up to you.


My time at brown Mackie was actually rather pleasant. Was it as high quality as some other colleges?

No, but I got a degree and passed my boards and no have a job making 45,000 a year starting out. So, I think it is different for everyone.

But it is closing now so people don't have to worry about it.

P.S. I was in the OTA program

Sand Springs, Oklahoma, United States #1224403

I agree with everything that was said here. I went for Bachelor's in Healthcare Management and have graduated 6 months ago and still cannot find work in this field. But i still have to pay the debt that was acquired

Mechanicsville, Virginia, United States #1218612

Anonymous 21 minutes ago #1218598 Mechanicsville, Virginia

Brown Mackie college in Tulsa was not fair with me.I want my money back. The teacher OT failed me twice, He said with a smile, "No matter how much or good you are I will not pass you in this class".

This was discrimination.

I relocated to another Brown Mackie in Atlanta, they no longer have the OT program. This is not an American college for hard working Tax payers.

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Mechanicsville, Virginia, United States #1218598

Brown Mackie college in Tulsa was not fair with me.I want my money back. The teacher OT failed me twice, He said with a smile, "No matter how much or good you are I will pass you in this class".

This was discrimination.

I relocated to another Brown Mackie in Atlanta, they no longer have the OT program. This is not an American college for hard working Tax payers.


I'm in the OTA program at brown mackie college and this is a load of ***. Brown mackie is a nationally credited school here in boise so I can continue my education anywhere else.

The first class she describes is not an english class... it's a Professional Development class where they apply brain teasers, such as geography and land marks, in order to "get the gears in your head all warmed up." The college is an amazing college and i'm proud to be a student here.


Having troubles as well with a BMC, I would never recommend this college to anyone. I am also a OTA student and the amount you pay fails in comparison to the actual education you receive.

I attend one in KY. I can not believe the staff turn over either!!

Chicago, Illinois, United States #910581

Whew! I really dodged a bullet.

I was interested in enrolling. I didn't want to wait for my schools enrollment to open up. I will say when I inquired, the recruiter was very pushy about getting me enrolled. I tried to explain I did not like the price and would weigh my options and call her back.

Of course, she did not wait..calls,calls,calls. I don't like the feeling of being pushed into doing something, so her eagerness made me question the authenticity of the school.

I then decided to search for information like this forum, and many complain of $$$ and Degree accreditation. Hmmm ,I think I will just have to stay away, apparently BMC has a lot of controversy going on.


Not only myself but other people in my same class are having big issues going on in Kentucky. To the point where it's time to get a lawyer.

Brown Mackie has caused one issue after another. My dept head refuses to listen to her students and I am also supposed to sign a paper saying that I might not be able to graduate. She has forged my name to run a background check without my permission first, yes we can do that with anybody, but this is for my education and something I had to agreed to first. I have many issues including sexual harassment on video!

I would never recommend any person to attend here. Trust me, I am not alone in this fight to graduate at all.

Birmingham, Alabama, United States #696288


I must interject here because your post was rude, and I may be interjecting too late. First of all, those credits are worthless just like the degrees they offer aren't worth the paper that they are printed on. This person knows what they speak of, and it's up to you whether you believe it or not. They are accredited by ACICS, and Brown Mackie just like Fortis Institute, ITT Tech, and Virginia College are all for-profit colleges who, in my opinion, are nothing but thieves and liars, who have misappropriated Federal Government title VI funding, and I am surprised they are still allowing them to get away with it. These schools are over-charging by hundreds of dollars per credit hour, and over-charging by thousands of dollars quarterly for these programs who shouldn't cost this much yearly. Meanwhile, they are pocketing most of your money while you may only see a shabby mediocre portion of that at best. They are charging what it takes to go to a 4-year university in just 2 years. Let them tell it, they have you taking out all this loan money just to "pay for school" but when you get those itemized lists that's when you'll see the truth. These schools have on there for room and board and other miscellaneous charges just to get more money from the government. I tell not one LIE!

Do not be fooled, you are better off getting a degree at Wal-mart or Sam's because that's how much employers will respect you. Besides, If you desire a Bachelor's, Master's, or anything other than the Associates degree (with a small "d") you will have to start all the way over from the beginning having wasted all that time. All other colleges in your area will tell you that they don't accept them unless it is another college just like this one, and you may have to relocate if that's an option for you. That's because you can forget about taking the boards or anything else to get licensed or registered within your region because it's not going to happen, they aren't regionally accredited. ACICS is private and national. The teachers are inexperienced, and most of them are former students of the college, or people who don't even have personal degrees in the subjects that they are teaching. I learned all these things the hard way, but I got out in time to salvage some of my money, but I will never get that time back which is most important to me. But hey, don't listen because I sure didn't when people were trying to warn me against Virginia College. I defended them too; I didn't listen, and now I sure wish the *** I would have. I am smarter, wiser, and more intelligent. I'm telling you, you are better off at a local Community College because even though I had to start all the way over from the beginning it was cheaper, I learned more from teachers who had Masters in Education and PHD's (they knew their stuff). I also got more of my refund back, my first 60 credits after working my way back up, and then I transferred out to a 4-year university as a Junior to get my last 60 credits for my Bachelor's degree in Respiratory Therapy/Cardiopulmonary Science, and I haven't looked back since because I refused to let those liars, cowards, and thieves break my spirit.

It's one thing that gets on my nerves, and that's people who think they know everything! :(

Chicago, Illinois, United States #630297

I think the fact that you were the only student on two separate occasions to fail the practical multiple times speaks for itself. Now if you were one of many students repeatedly failing that would indicate that there are issues with the program/class, but only you?

It sounds like you couldn't cut it. And I agree, God forbid any student with your poor academic performance question the teaching style of someone who at the very least must have a Masters degree to teach at Brown Mackie. If you want to know why you're the only one failing repeatedly you need look no farther than the mirror.

As far as attendance goes, you only have to attend 12 days in a given month!

Add to that, Brown Mackie courses meet 3 days per week, so if you missed 4 days in a row that means you were actually sick for over 7 days. Were you really so ill that you couldn't make a basic effort to come to the class and at least sign in so you wouldn't be dropped? You also mention the questions you asked the teacher who you claim treated you poorly. Did you constantly repeat "Do we need to know that for the test" after every single sentence?

Very rude. And for you to trouble your program head over eye-rolling from a teacher that you claim you never had an argument or incident with? Give me a break!

Either ask the teacher or suck it up--it's only 12 days, less if your "illness" is recurrent! I sincerely hope you pay off your loan debts yourself and not foist them on taxpayers.


I don't know how the school is where your located. I know a few people who went to BMC here in Tulsa, OK and they all have found employment with decent wages.

The school is accredited in this state. My wife is in the same program and has a 4.0 GPA right now.

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