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Brown Mackie College is an institution of higher learning they claim. I am nearing the end of my course work and I feel I have not learned a single thing. While they have a great idea to push each student through a course per month they do not give time for the information to sink in. Some of the instructors are rude, conceded, and treat each student as a dollar sign. BMC over charges for books, supplies, general fees, and tuition.

When things do not go their way they file charges claiming academic integrity violations of student policies. The charges were later dismissed but all the work I did for an entire week still received no credit for work done. There are only a few instructors who stay for the long run. The turnover rate is high, the school treats them poorly, pays poorly and for some reason they quit sometimes mid class. If I get out of that school with a degree it is going to cost me $2,000 per month for a grand total of $22,000 for a partial degree with some transfer in credits. When I started in September I was supposed to be done by January. It is July and I am supposedly finally done but I'm sure they will come up with more BS classes. They are greedy and selfish they are out to fill their pockets with the poor students money. I would never recommend going there again. I would highly suggest staying clear of this school Brown Mackie College degrees are NOT recognized by many people. When the medical dept chair called some places in Dekalb Co for my externship one woman hung up on him and one said she was not interested and hung up.


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It worried me about why the tuition at Brown Mackie College was so high. I'm looking into getting my Associates Degree in Nursing, which is a two year program, but the cost is over $47,000!!!!!

I'm my opinion, that price is ridiculous. There's a technical college not far from me that offers the same degree in the same major and it will cost just a little over $17,000. When I asked the representative why the tuition was so high, he simply said because the instructors and staff of BMC care about the students. Well I could care less if they cared about me or not because in the end, I will have to care about myself in order to study hard enough to pass the classes.

To make matters worse, the Ipads that they require are an additional $600+ and are not included in the tuition. I definately got the vibe that Brown Mackie College is simply out for money and I seriously doubt that it will be the school of my choice.


I ambin agreement. I went to BC in louisville ky and it was definitely a joke!!


Hi, to whoever posted the previous comment, I am also an OTA student at BMC salina, and I just wanted to let you know that it's in poor taste to be posting stuff like this. I will be reporting your comment to the website asking if it can be taken down.

Please keep your comments to yourself. Also, we are a very small school and good news like this travels fast.

to Anonymous #975371

I believe you and have hear simpler stories as I have inquired about possible schools.

to Anonymous #1035311

Yall *** artists and you are not a student you mad cause you been found out. You are an administrator of the school. You need to keep your comments to yourself.

to Anonymous Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #1196659

Salina started out fraudulent. I attended from 79-82, and found out just before my last quarter that they had not received MidWest accreditation even though they offered or 'sold' me on them awarding both AA and AS in the two fields I took conjointly.

Then, they said they cannot award retroactively. Their CEUs are worthless to accredited colleges.

But I still had to pay all the tuition back to the government loan entities. So don't live in a bubble folks.


I am an OTA student at the BMC-Salina, KS location. Yes, these schools are wastes of tuition money!!

Since I started this program, I have had to deal with unfair grading practices, and from what we hear from the cohort ahead of us, our program is even under investigation for violating AOTA accreditation standards!! They were being taught for MONTHS by someone who isn't qualified to be instructing! And what's worse, is that both the department head AND the academic dean KNEW about this for months and only decided to act on it because someone from that class filed a corporate complaint.

Our cohort is thinking about doing the same, but we're thinking of going straight to AOTA. Our own teacher isn't even a teacher, she's supposed to be a fieldwork coordinator.

Don't waste your money with these schools!


I just found out that Brown Mackie kept over $2000 of my federal student aide money and I never attended their school thank god I changed my mind because of the high cost of tuition and decided to go to tcc. I am reporting them for this you can bet on that.


My son attended Brown Mackie College her at the Cincinnati campus and yes, they were money hungry, greedy bastards. They always seemed to bill us before his school loans paid and thus making it look like my son owed on his courses.

Bad management and lame *** people working there. They also tried giving me a parking ticket (their security guards) for parking in fron tof the school in a visitors space because I had a school parking tag in my window. I explained that I was there for my sons financial aid meeting and that I wasnt a student. They over charge for books which you are correct on, this is why we purchased all his books from Amazon.com and they also bought them back when he was done.

We will more than likely be paying nearly triple the cost of his lack luster education from Brown Mackie college. The payments are insane....!!!! I also want to point out that their commercials state they help placing you in a "job". Their way of doing this is to send you to an office that when there all they do is show you how to get onto CareerBuilders, Monster and other job websites.

Or they tell you that you need to do something equivelant to an internship (for free) after you have graduated.

No one can afford to do this with the way the economy is now. They are a joke.

Local Mom from Cincinnati.......


I'm currently attending BMC. No, not my first educational experience. Just

Going back to school because I do not like the field I'm currently

In. I would say administration is a bit "disorganised", but I have had a wonderful

Experience. I'm on my second year. A lot of the things I've read in

This review page seems it fits in the organizational category. I'm sorry

So mant have had issues, wish everyone could of had a great

Experience like myself. Unfortunately, that is not reality..and I'm aware of that as well.

From reading so many of these complaints, and they nature of some of them..it would seem a lot of you have created your own demise. Horrible attitudes, spelling issues, angry at the world. Take advice from people who been their? Yes..please do. But do not let someone make that decision for you. (Especially that probably has more issues in life than BMC could possibly create)

to Anonymous Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #821982

Hey ***, um do you spell many with a y or a t ignorant ***!!!

to Anonymous #856099

You spelled there wrong

to Anonymous #873910

It's "Could have", not "could of". Other errors as noted (mant instead of many, their instead of there, and what's with "they nature"?

Did you even attend an accredited high school? Brown Mackie disserves you as a student.

to Anonymous Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States #939690

We'll see what you have to say when you can't get a job because you graduated from Brown Mackie.

Michigan City, Indiana, United States #723971

Brown Mackie is supposed to help the working adult with little time RIGHT?! WRONG!!

What they do not tell you is; you will be required to complete a 120 hours externship. (YES 120 hours!) How can any parent afford to leave their fulltime job for an entire month? Well, how can anyone who has bills for that matter. When initially attending this school it seemed perfect, one class per month.

However, the staff will stop being so nice after the first two months, everything changes. The externship that assigned me too has nothing to do with the field in which I am receiving my degree. They placed me anywhere just to say I done it, now I am stuck answering a phone and filing other peoples busy work for FREE for an entire month! I feel very mislead.

People long story short, do your homework on this school first.

FYI, Credits Do Not Transfer! Credits do not transfer to any area colleges that offer 4-year degrees.

Most do not transfer to other 2-year colleges.

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #701260

I know what you mean. They gas you up like everything is all good, and there it is, some bs.

They give you Ipads to cut the stipend money out. Brown Mackie Atlanta is full of bs. I got nine months to go and I got a balance in which I never had since I been there. All of a sudden I got a $500 dollar balance.

An accredited school want even take there credits ( not one). You right, the teachers are conceded, don't give a *** because it's about a pay check and driving fancy cars. Although you have some teachers that do care, but you have some that astereotype you and put a label on you. I been at Brown Mackie - Atlanta a year ( and excuse my french, I haven't learned sh@t).

Then when go to financial aid, they want to get stressed out because you asking about your money. My feeling is if I got to pay this money back then what is the problem for getting things for my educational purposes. Then also when you go to the financial office they brush you off and send you to different people to tell you "NO'. I haven't failed a class since being there.

These people are liars, cheaters and decievers. Don't believe the hype.

they don't even keep the snack machines stocked in the break room, so for real, where the money going. So stop paying your car notes with our school money.....

to Big Boi Atlanta, Georgia, United States #810346

Anonymous. I also attend.

Brown. Mackie. And. I.

Have. Been there a year also. Today my student account stated that i have a balance available to me of close to 2000 dollars. I signed the paper stating that when there is a balance send it to me.

Financial. Aide says their. Kerping my money. With only a few monhs to.go.

Im. Thinking about quitting. To everybody that balance means money in the. Bank.

But in all the while. Ive been there. They took every. Penny that.

Was left. 6 months. After graduation. Is when you start paying back these.

Loans. Today. I saw the computer. And they have taken.

Thousands. From me. If i cant get the money that .i have. To pay back.

Im. Quitting .650.00 for a 2 to 300 dollar i pad. All i could.

Do today was. Cry :cry :( :(

Cincinnati, Ohio, United States #687202

I went to Brown Mackie in Northern Kentucky for 3 months, it was a complete joke. The majority of the people there shouldn't even be considered for college.

They all had tattoos all over their bodies, not that there is anything wrong with that, and couldn't comprehend basic information. The teachers that I had where jokes.

I laugh when I drive by BMC.

to anonymous #763759

Hey Did you go to the college in Louisville? if so can you please tell me about there accreditations and also is it just a big waist of money. :?

to bear Louisville, Kentucky, United States #770009

I currently go to BMC Louisville and yes they are also a joke it is a waste of money do not go there! I started 2 years ago in December and they want me to sit out for 3 months before I finish my last class. They also changed the programs on my 24th month with no warning so I will not be receiving the degrees I was promised!

waste of my life and money for sure

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