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Brown Mackie College
Main address: 15222 Pittsburgh PA
, (412) 995-7295,
  • 133+8 mobile complaints
  • $720K claimed losses
  • $5.1K average
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I only went six months to the southbend area campus of brown Mackie In 2008 and I now owe $14, 000!! That's ridiculous! How can they even do that? I understand inteterest rates but it started out at eight thousand. .. that's fraud Add comment

I went there for 2 months and they had taken out 5 student loans for me which makes no since and now my credit is screwed and I can't go back to schools because my loans are in default Add comment

DONT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY !!! its taken 4yrs for me to get a 2 yr degree because of incompetent teachers, the wrong externship, un orginized staff, and the lack of communication between students and staff ! WHAT S NIGHTMARE !!! Add comment

  • Aug 08
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So I had an interview with Brown Mackie and things seemed well at first, until I started getting this intuition "that get out while I still can". My first visit I remember asking if the credits were transferable the lady said it all depends on the receiving institution. Since I got that intuition I thought i'd do some research on reviews. Then after reading some I knew right away my intuition was... Read more

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We will get our money back. Daughter was so distraught over failing and not being able to finish she joined the armed forces. Add comment

  • Aug 05
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Albuquerque, New Mexico
  • Person Harassment
  • 66

A teacher at the Albuquerque New Mexico campus sexually harassed me and told me he wanted to *** with me if he wasn't my teacher. He still works at the school. The school has done nothing about it. However they fired another teacher there just because he emailed someone something. I'm angry because this teacher who harassed me is still teaching at my school and he could do that to me again in the... Read more

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  • Jul 30
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Phoenix, Arizona
  • Bad Nursing School
  • 199

I don't even know where to start!! I attended BMC Phoenix Nursing program. From the get go, there were repeated schedule changes, nursing instructors hired with no nursing knowledge whatsoever!! The staff was way too clicky. If you pissed off one, you were on the @#$& list the rest of the program...IF you made it that far. Rules changed from cohort to cohort....and from student to student.... Read more

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  • Jul 29
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  • Tucson, Arizona
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I graduate from Brown Mackie Tucson az just two months ago. At the end of my schooling they took out a student loan without me knowing and refuse to admit it. Even after showing hard copy documents from their school they still deny it! Go to *** Brown Mackie College!!!!!!!!!!! If you are considering brown Mackie college for any program do not attend unless you enjoy being lied too, called a liar,... Read more

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