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I contibuously had financial aid problems with brown mackie college, tulsa, ok campus. I could no longer carry the high tuition rate and was not offered assistance, but was told i had to drop out. Because of this, I could not complete my Nursing career, and no other svhools would accept their credits in a transfer. I was stuck and out of thousands of dollars. I want my money back or a school that would accept the credits, allowing me to... Read more

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This money problem is all concern because it have been my only problem with Brown Mackie and the financial department lies to you but this is my problem they have great teachers but when it comes to your money you are cheated. They mistaken me missing four weeks of school and quote Nick Williams,Cory, and Nicholas was a counselor is gone they told me false things about my money. How can they receive thirty- thousands and hold mine and tell me... Read more

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I went to brown mackie cincinnati in 2010-2011. I owe 30,000 grand in loans alone! I can't pass my state examine that ive been trying to for last 4 years. I was a straight A student. NOT HAPPY!!!

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My job called and asked if I attended and they told my personal information and got me fired from my job......and when I enrolled I signed something saying NO personal information would be given out to no one, not even family!!!! I went to the Dean and she said she was sorry and I could go down stairs and find a job on the computer. I was furious and angry!!!!! I had lost my job that I hated so much, and just bought a new car. My boss said when... Read more

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I went to Brown Mackie College Miami from 10/2007 to 7/2010 and when I went to Strayer University I found out Brown Mackie charged me double for several semesters and it caused me to run out of funds for my current classes.

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Students of Brown Mackie need to be made aware of their rights during this time. If you are a student, please take the time to read this blog post regarding your rights during campus closures and teach outs and share it with your fellow students before unknowingly signing away your rights during meetings on campus. Please also note that if... Read more

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While I was unemployed and financially wrecked, the school called and would not stop until they were able to bring me into the offices where they commenced to show how having a degree would decrease the chances of unemployment and better wages. They told me the loans would be easy to pay back once I got that great job. 5 years later, I had to drop out because I had to find work else where no where near any of their campuses. I tried to transfer... Read more

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I am a former employee of BMCFort Wayne. The school is going to close , but they continue to enroll students and take their money. Management definitely showed favoritism and extremely rude to anyone not in their circle. Nursing turnover is high because the Most recent Nursing Chair used the school to finish her NP certification had everyone else doing her work and when she finished she left them high and dry. If you were white they were... Read more

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Went to Brown Mackie to pursue education in Paralegal studies.Met with Frank, admissions person. Submitted certificates showing, 1) Police officer 5 years on job. 2) Television Production course 2 year course with A+ grade. 3)Technical college 18 months showing 49 credits and A+ grade. He says I need to prove I have a high school diploma!!! So I say ok . I will do a high school diploma then I will sue you I say to myself. I am not black so I... Read more

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My apologies to you but this school is not accredited unfortunately. I almost enrolled last year and the recruiters kept telling me they were going to be an accredited school soon which I didn't fall for and enrolled in a community College instead. How I caught them lying was that I asked them 3 times if I could find a reference to study for the entry test that you have to take to get admitted, and they said no, I ended up finding practice... Read more

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