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My apologies to you but this school is not accredited unfortunately. I almost enrolled last year and the recruiters kept telling me they were going to be an accredited school soon which I didn't fall for and enrolled in a community College instead. How I caught them lying was that I asked them 3 times if I could find a reference to study for the entry test that you have to take to get admitted, and they said no, I ended up finding practice... Read more

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I was told my credits would transfer to CNM, found out yesterday they don't to any school in Albuquerque, NM unless I go to an online school. They just switched my classes from Wed, Fri to Mon, Tues, and Thurs. Which I can not do. I am months away from a degree and I am being told I either quite or switch. We had a project management class we learned nothing in,due to not having proper instructors and the program was never put together. 1600... Read more

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I had a awful experience with Brown Mackie I feel like I was ripped off (education wise). My first issue was that I signed some type of agreement form to be able to come back to school by a certain time due to an emergency family issue, I was told that I would pick up where I left off. When I came back no only did I have to re-enroll but I had to take out a second student loan and I didn't pick up where I left off. My second issue was when I did... Read more

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I would really like to hear more about your situation! I did graduate from one here in Kentucky and I used student loans for first month until my Veterans paper work was turned in which I hand delivered myself to my financial aid advisor. I made straight A's for over a year and a half until my fiancé died in our home and I knew something was wrong, you know that feeling in your gut thing? School wouldn't let me leave stating I was too emotional... Read more

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I had a horrible experience at Brown Mackie. The recruiter Kay Doss flirted with my boyfriend the entire time. Gave him her personal cell phone number and constantly called him after he repeatedly told him he wasn't interested in coming. I came a few months later to enroll and she was cold towards me. I will never attend the Bedford campus. Add comment

I attended brown mackie south bend for lpn program, I took a few months off due to family issues.When I tried to re enroll to finish my last 8 weeks of the nursing program, I was told they changed the curriculum and even though I was a fan list student I would have to retake and repay fir every nursing class I had already taken! Add comment

I attended Brown Mackie several years ago. I was enrolled in the two year Auto CAD program. During a computer class, we had to stop what we were doing to listen to someone's bio. I felt this was more appropriate for the orientation class. Another thing that I was not happy with was the day time professor in that class mainly sat on his butt instead of doing the job he was getting paid to do. I dropped out of this school because I wasn't... Read more

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This is not a good college to go to. I requested my transcript for them to tell me that I owed money from that school. I withdrew from my classes due to my father being on life support. I was told that I owe 1000. I owed nothing when I went there and withdrew during the proper timeframe. not a good school. I feel it is a rip off. I have tried everything without any success. I cant seem to get the transcript unless I pay all this money. there is... Read more

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I was discriminated against during OTA program. Add comment

The two years I attended the school raised the price of tuition ever semester. Now that I do have my A.S degree in Business. I have not gotten help to get a job in my field from the school. I was going to the school to get assistance for a job, but instead of getting a job in my field I was told about companies that was hiring. Which I knew about on my own. I think it is sad how many lies I was told about after graduation I will have help... Read more

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