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Brown Mackie College has ruined my credit because of my inability to pay back student loans.I was told that the remainder of monies not used would be returned. BMC never returned the money. My loans are over 20,000 dollars. IRS and Federal loans are garnishing wages. They took 10.000 dollars of my husbands military disability. I don't have the AS degree because the loan isn't paid off. Add comment

My friend's husband works in the financial aid dept. He was a mortgage loan officer , we know how they put people into houses they can't afford. He does the same thing with students. Everyone person that I've met that work at my office . They are in debt and most of their credits didn't transfer. So now they go to a State College so they can complete their degree. Add comment

  • Mar 17
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Bisbee, Arizona
  • Criminal Justice Program
  • 329

I attended Brown Mackie College in Cincinnati from March 2014 until November 2014 while trying to proceed with a teaching degree for 2 years of college. Although, I never finished my two years I decided I wanted too switch my program halfway through out the program to criminal justice. This aggravated me because when I signed up for the college I told the woman in the admissions office that I... Read more

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  • Feb 27
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Nursing Program
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  • 925

I was attending Brown Mackie College for the past 6 months and doing well in their Nursing program. On Monday without any warning they called over 50 of us into a meeting and basically told us as of today we are back out on the streets!!!!!! I'm mad as *** because I worked real hard to try and achieve an educational dream , that no one else had done in my family and that was to graduate from... Read more

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When I first arrived at the school it was all great and lots of promise,but when the courses started I felt useless and I told my advisor that I haven't been to school in over more then 25yrs and promised me that everything was going to o.k.plus they supposedly cared about the students olny ones that have great gpa and the finacial aid is so expensive so I'm deciding to drop out. Add comment

While attending Brown Mackie College, my contract said I'll be going to school two days a week, the dean had a meeting and informed us that we would be going to school one day and the other day online! What a disappointment! The school voided the contract! I'm lookingbfor another school in Birmingham, Alabama Add comment

I was taking classes in criminal justice, when I had an instructor call me ***. I got up and walked out of the classroom and haven't been back Add comment

I currently attend Brown Mackie, the one class I am in now the teacher goes and makes derogatory remarks about the students, delete their homework then gives them an F for the work that was deleted. She has had many complaints but no one does anything. I had a good experience here but this was the worst and apparently nothing anyone can do. Add comment

100% FULL

  • Jan 16
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Fort Mitchell, Kentucky
  • Courses
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I began attending this school in August 2009, and it wasn't long before I discovered that they weren't even accredited. They had people with no more than associates degrees teaching, but this was updated before I received my own associates. The selling point for me was that I could walk to school, and it was only one course per month for full-time enrollment. Brown Mackie is a business and... Read more

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It sucked!!! All they wanted was my money they wouldn't let me enter my class without paying and I was caught up on my payments they expect way to much they need To back off we will pay them when we can next. And the teachers they would lecture about one topic and then their done in my opinion you should go over everything your giving the test over complete bull ***! All they want is your money Add comment

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